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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Global Economic Perspectives Team

Members of the GEP Team

Claus Vistesen
Chief Global Economist

Date of birth: 1984


2007 – BSc in Business Administration and Modern Languages, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).

2007-2009 – Accepted on the MSc in Applied Economics and Finance, Copenhagen Business School.


Claus is a macroeconomist with a specialist interest in international macroeconomics. His primary areas of focus and interest are Europe, the Euro Zone, Japan and more specifically the issue of the current global macroeconomic imbalances. He also focuses on demographics, monetary policy and how these factors interact with the imbalances. He also specialises in the sphere of new web technologies - termed web 2.0 and social media, and the associated communication tools. He is currently, and in relation with his final undergraduate thesis, embedded as an external consultant in an international health insurance company where he is examining business applications and opportunities in social media and web 2.0.

Claus is currently enaged in a research investigation into the potential impacts of demographic changes on economic growth processes, meanwhile he is also busily engaged in detailed economic analysis and forecasting using weblogs as his principle communication vehicle (see links below). Apart from his own personal weblog Alpha.Sources he is also a regular contributor at the collaborative scientific weblog Demography.Matters as well as the global economic weblog Global.Economy.Matters. Lastly, Claus is also pursuing his fetishism for France which apart from fluency in Danish and English also has granted him near fluency in French.

Claus is also a co-founder of the newly founded economics think tank Global Economic Perspectives.

Links to weblogs;

Alpha Sources
Demography Matters
Global Economy Matters

Paola Silli
Reasearch Associate, Eurozone

Date of Birth: 1980


2003 – B.A. Economics University of Bergamo (Italy), November 2003

2006 – MBA Marketing Major Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.


Paola is a macroeconomist and business marketer currently based in Toronto. She is accomplished in economics and marketing as well as possessing notable software and programming skills across a wide range of applications (Pascal, SQL, E-stat, SPSS, E-views, J D Edwards, Ediway, CERG, Hyperion & MS Office). She is a fluent English and Italian speaker with intermediate skills in German and French.

Paola also boasts a long and diverse track record in terms of work experience in variety of Italian, US and Canadian companies and organizations. Paola’s principal focus is on the Italian economy and its interaction with the European Union as well as the Euro Zone. Paola also specializes in migration flows and the human capital component associated with these flows, as well as in international trade and global trade dynamics (with a particular emphasis on the India/Italy interface) and the Eastern European transition economies.

Paola is a contributor to the Italian Economy Watch weblog, to the Global Economy Matters weblog and and is a founding member of the new online think tank Global Economic Perspectives.

Links to weblogs:

Italian Economy Watch
Global Economy Matters

Edward Hugh
Principal Investigator

Date of birth: 1948


1974 – BSc. Economics, London School of Economics

1975 – MSc. Victoria University of Manchester

Doctoral Thesis (uncompleted): technological change, forms of communication, patterns of thought. Victoria University of Manchester 1975-78.


Edward is an economic demographer and macroeconomist, who specialises in growth and productivity theory, demographic processes and their impact on macro performance, and migration flows.

Edward is based in Barcelona, and is currently engaged in research on ageing, longevity, fertility and migration, and the impact of all of these on economic growth. He is currently working on a book "Ageing, Fertility and the Global Imbalances". He is a regular contributor to a number of economics weblogs, including India Economy Blog, A Fistful of Euros, Global Economy Matters and Demography Matters. He was, in fact, a founding member of all these weblogs.

Edward follows in detail the Indian, Italian, German and Japanese economies as well as the main trends in the Eastern Transition economies.

He is a fluent speaker of Spanish, French and Catalan, and has a good working knowledge of a number of other romance languages and German.

He is also a founding member of the newly formed economic policy think tank "Global Economic Perspectives".

Links to weblogs;

Edward's Website
Demography Matters
A Fistful of Euros
Indian Economy Blog
Global Economy Matters

Manuel Alvarez Rivera
Head of Global Political Analysis

Date of birth: 1966


1988: Degree in Mathematics from University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez after which he pursued further studies in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh where he also worked (1992-1999) at the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR), eventually becoming a systems analyst.


Manuel is an accomplished political scientist with a special interest in European political processes.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, Manuel began publishing (in 1995) two election sites, "Elections in Puerto Rico" and "Election Resources on the Internet", at and . His work on these sites caught the attention of the Commonwealth Elections Commission of Puerto Rico, and in late 1999 he left UCSUR and returned home to work for the Commission as the agency's webmaster, extensively developing their site. During the years he was in charge on the Elections Commission's website, it was showcased by Puerto Rico's Office of Management and Budget (OGP) as a model for other government agencies to follow.

In 2003 he left the Commission, and the following year began consulting work for Univisión de Puerto Rico. Since that time he has been largely working on further development of his websites, particularly the internationally-oriented , which now has sections covering the electoral systems of most Western European countries, as well as the "old" Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa) plus Mexico and Brazil. Since 2006 he also publishes an election blog, "Electoral Panorama" , where he covers electoral events in a wide variety of countries, including the 2006 mid-term elections in the United States. Finally, since early 2007 he has become a regular contributor to the "Global Economy Matters" blog , and is a founding member of the new online think tank Global Economic Perspectives.

Links to sites and weblogs:

Election Resources on the Internet
Electoral Panorama
Global conomy Matters

Aapo Markkanen
Research Associate, Institutions, Media and the Internet

Date of Birth: 1982


2002-2007 – Master of Administrative Science, University of Tampere (Finland); graduation in December 2007


Aapo is an organisational scientist currently writing his Master’s Thesis on change management in local governmental organisations. Hailing from Europe’s (or la terra abitabile’s, for that matter) latitudinal frontier, he has developed a wide conversance in the Baltic region and the EU’s Northern Dimension, as well as in two other geographical – though neither mental nor cultural, as he believes – peripheries: the Balkans, and the Southern Caucasia. Out of interests both civic and academic, Aapo also has an enduring interest in any discourse concerning the so-called Nordic welfare model and its sustainability, whether economic or social.

Apart from his native Finnish, Aapo has fluency in English and – having studied one academic year at the University of Bologna’s Institute for Central Eastern and Balkan Europe – an occasionally good working knowledge in Italian. His German and Swedish skills remain stubbornly intermediate.

Aapo is a contributor to Global Economic Matters and Demography Matters weblogs, and also a founding member of the Global Economic Perspectives think tank. His own attempt at a personal weblog is Aapotsikko, the Finno-Ugric pun in its title being as modest as its actual content.

Links to weblogs:

Demography Matters
Global Economy Matters

Marcelo Rinesi
Research Associate, Technology Strategy

Date of birth: 1979


Completing an undergraduate degree on mathematics at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Marcelo is an applied mathematician, programmer, and technology consultant. His main focus lies on the interaction between emerging technologies, business, and society. He works or has worked for organization in the fields of technology consulting, enterprise communication systems, financial market analysis, law, education, and pharmaceutics distribution. He’s currently Associate Director for the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, as well as posting articles at a number of weblogs, including Global Economy Matters.

He has also published articles related to technology, business and Argentine life in magazines and online sites like Wired, Computer Bits, and The Straits Times, as well as short science fiction stories. He has also taught introductory college-level mathematics, and participated as speaker or jury in academic events and competitions related to mathematics and computer science.

Links to Websites and Weblogs

Global Economy Matters
Demography Matters
Evening Distribution